Industrial Projects

I have had the opportunity to work on a number of industrial projects in my career, most notably was for the design of an off-road race car manufacturing facility for a private business entrepreneur friend of mine who has just competed in his fifth Dakar Rally and who has recently begun producing his own brand of race car. 

Designed to be the new workshop of an off-road motor racing team in a remote part of Southern Africa, this building uses salvaged components from a previously dismantled steel warehouse to create a space where not only can new race cars be manufactured but that can also provide a landing pad and hangar for a Bell 207 helicopter.


Not only does this building use salvaged structural steel, it also makes use of clay bricks manufactured by hand, by local traders, as well as using recycled glazed panels that were salvaged from a derelict shopping centre.


Merging these up-cycled components in an ordered way proved challenging but the end result was highly functional and its sustainable approach to up-cycling building components helped to give back to the local community that relies so heavily on this kind of reuse.

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