I love how quickly and effectively an idea can be documented or communicated by means of a simple sketch.  It’s a skill that I am glad to have developed because it is such a creative outlet for me.  It is something that anchors me firmly in the present and encourages me to notice the world around me more.  When I sketch something, I notice subtle details that I perhaps would not have picked up on without closer analysis.  Sketching encourages me to examine things in more detail while being immersed in the present without modern distraction.


Sketching for me is like playing the guitar, it is a similar creative outlet and a great way for me to regain focus as it allows me the time to fully pay attention to what I’m doing.  Art was a discipline that taught me from a very young age to be by myself and occupy myself with what I was drawing.  Sketching teaches you to spend time with yourself, and is a great way of tracking personal improvement. Placing my ideas onto a page has also been a great tool in the development of my strategic thinking.

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